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to help you achieve your goals with peace of mind

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Nutritional Coaching Online or at home 

A consultation lasting approximately 45/60 minutes in the comfort of your home (Lugano, Luganese, Mendrisio) or online via video call. We begin with a complete medical history, first evaluating the physiological aspects: determination of weight, height, body measurements (using tape measure and caliper) and Body Mass Index (BIM). Afterwards, behavioral aspects, eating habits, preferences and previous experiences are assessed through an in-depth interview.
Finally, we think together about the objective to be achieved, about the potential obstacles and difficulties that could be encountered.
After this session I will make the first assessments and share my strategy in managing the individual case, to then decide together how to proceed.
Within a couple of days I will give you the food plan to follow generally for a month at the end of which we will understand together how and whether to continue.

Throughout the month I continue to follow you, remaining available as your Personal Coach, because my goal is to actively accompany you towards the result, showing you that to get back and stay in shape it is not necessary to suffer and deprive ourselves of our favorite foods or outings with friends.

COCO Premium

The Coach&Cook Premium Service is designed for those who struggle to follow a correct diet during lunch breaks outside the home! It includes a complete Nutritional Consultation and the combination of a home-delivered meal service. After the first visit, I create a nutritional plan by studying a menu with meals suited to your habits and tastes.

The plan will be structured with suggestions for breakfast, snacks and dinner, while you won't have to worry about lunch.

From Monday to Friday you will receive a ready-made lunch cooked the same day at your home or office!


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COCO All Inclusive

Coach&Cook All Inclusive is the "full" package for those who have little time to shop, cook and plan! 

After the first visit, in fact, I create a nutritional plan by studying a menu with meals suited to your habits and according to your tastes: I give you suggestions for breakfast and snacks and every week I communicate to you the menu of lunches and dinners that will be delivered to you every day:

2 fresh meals a day,  delivered to your home or office from Monday to Friday.

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