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You just have to eat!

Coach and Cook: Nutritional Coaching and Meals Delivery


1.Time 2.Taste 3.Feasibility

No revolution, innovation or magic: just a lot of honesty.

We have less and less TIME to do everything.

Food is nourishment, but also joy, pleasure and sociability and we also eat for how food does TASTE.

We are not all sprinters: it does not matter if the paths we take is challenging as long as it is FEASIBLE.


Launch offer

A visit of approximately 45 minutes for free directly from home online!

We will analyse together your current situation after a questionnaire aimed at better understanding the phisical aspects, but also you approach at food: taste, habits, schedule!

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Nutrition Plan

If you like my approach as a consultant as well as a nutritionist, you can decide to continue this journey together, by receiving a personalized food plan and my coaching step by step.

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If you not only liked my approach, but also my philosophy on time management and satisfaction at the table, you can purchase the CoCo service: Consultancy and Menu at home in Lugano (Luganese)

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Ticino, Switzerland

+41 0767464686

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