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Hi, I'm Elena and I'm a nutritional coach, who loves food and cooking: CoCo is a project born from my very personal experience.

My goal is to help anyone who wants to lose weight or get fit, without dramatically change their lifestyle.

Nutritionist or Chef?

Imposing periods of rigid diets, depriving yourself of favorite foods and eating in a monotonous, restrictive and unsatisfying way inevitably generates frustration. We suddenly stop the diet, often ending up in excess and eating everything we denied ourselves in the previous weeks.

With obvious consequences such as weight gain and worsening of physical shape: and less obvious but more subtle, which work over time, undermining our self-esteem and trust in ourselves. We convince ourselves that we are failing because we are inconsistent, we lack determination or willpower: in short, we are worth little!

You don't need to have serious eating disorders to admit that you don't have a healthy relationship with food.


For me it was like this for many years until I asked myself:

  •  Will I suffer forever to be fit and like myself?

  • And in order not to suffer, do I have to give up trying being fit?


So I decided to study, analyse, experiment.

Turning an obsession into a true passion.

I found the answers, made peace with food - which I did love, do love and will always love - learned how to experiment in the kitchen, discovered the well-being that comes from maintaining a satisfactory physical shape in a natural way.

Being a Nutrition Coach to me means above all to help and guide people step by step to reach their goal and learn to maintain it in a pleasant, non-restrictive, serene way, also offering practical support to those who need that extra input, because losing weight is not a linear process: there can always be moments of slowdown, of difficulty and that's in those moments when I would like make the difference.

Creating a food plan is just the first step, accompanying people throughout the journey is what allows them to reach the target.

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