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Coach Cook

Coaching and Cooking

CoCo is both a Nutritional Coach and delivers online and at-home consultations (Lugano, Luganese and Mendrisiotto) to those who want to lose weight, get fit or simply correct an unbalanced diet making it healthier and healthier, but also a Cook who offers to complete the meal plan with a ready-at-home meal service. Cooked and delivered every day to your home or directly to your office.

The menus are designed based on the customer's preferences and desires, they contain healthy and varied recipes created and supervised by me, prepared with fresh and certified ingredients.

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The 3 problems of diets

1. Time 2. Taste 3. Feasibility

Receiving a plan from a nutritionist is one thing, following it precisely and consistently is another…

When you spend an average of 12 hours away from home and come home tired, you often feel the desire to immediately eat something delicious and satisfying to compensate the stress of the day.

Finding the time and motivation, to make another effort to cook a healthy and  correct meal becomes really difficult. 

This was exactly what happened to me: the later I got at home, the more tired I was, the worse the day at work had been, and the harder it became to stick to the plan.

Wasn't I determined? Was I lacking motivation?


I was merely human.

Food is also pleasure and to prepare healthy but delicious meals it takes time (vegetables for example... they must be washed, cleaned, cooked and sautéed...), but if I had had a meal ready, studied and prepared for me, healthy but delicious the diet would have been much more feasible and sustainable.

The solution

CoCo presents itself as a solution to these often overlooked but very common problems.

There is a lot of talk about Mindful Eating and food education, crucial aspects in which I strongly believe and which I love to convey to my clients, but there is nothing wrong with offering greater support to those who struggle: a sort of crutch to accompany people on an important journey and teach them to walk on their own two feet!

Sandwich di avocado
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