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Online Nutritional Coaching: how does it work?

Online nutritional coachong consists in a video call or simple telephone interview during which we will get to know each other better. Before the telephone appointment you will receive a form to fill in with your data, to which you can also attach 3 photographs, which will allow me to make a pre-assessment and arrive at the appointment prepared. During the interview I will ask you a series of questions aimed at understanding the starting situation, your eating and living habits, your tastes and your objectives: I will then carry out a complete medical history of your general state. At the end of the interview I will share with you my point of view and my strategy to help you along the way: mine is not just a simple nutritionist approach, but also a consultant one. If your goal is to lose weight, I will not only give you nutritional advices, but also practical ones to ensure that yours becomes a success story in the long term too.

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